About Me


This all started when I saw a picture of a 1910-era Limbert lamp made of copper, mica, and oak. I fell in love with it.

I made a similar lamp for myself, learning the fundamentals of etching copper from a crumbling Popular Mechanics article published around the time the Limbert lamp was made.

I soon discovered that the etched copper process, with its dozens of steps in transforming a sheet of raw copper into a final product, is endlessly interesting.

I love the materials I work with: heavy sheets of copper, glowing art glass and mica, warm-hued oak.

Everything I make is based on my own original designs, most of them inspired by the natural forms I grew up with in Western Washington State. And, remembering how cold and gray Washington could be, I always try to make sure that everything I make has light and warmth to it.

People tell me they think of my work as heirlooms, and I like to imagine my lamps casting a warm light far into the future…